They Burned the House Down – The Sony Story


According to the Harvard Business Review article, They Burned the House Down, "Michael Lynton’s “Black Swan” materialized late last year, when someone—the U.S. government says it was North Korea—pulled off the most devastating hack in corporate history." Sony's reputation was tarnished, their business was (and still is) recovering from the breach, which ultimately cost the company approximately $15 million. The article goes on to say that "The FBI said that 90% of companies would have been unable to withstand the attack." With that being said, the breach likely happened months in advance while the hackers poked around finding vulnerability after vulnerability. It's widely known in the cyber security world that the average time to detect a breach is approximately 210 days. That's a great deal of time to poke around and find the 'golden ticket.' Having the right type of cyber security managed service with eyes on the network 24/7 would have certainly helped. They might have discovered some of those 'breadcrumbs' as previously discussed.

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