Migrating to the Cloud Helps Entertainment Giant Serve Up Exceptional Customer Service

Migrating to the Cloud Helps Entertainment Giant Serve Up Exceptional Customer Service


As one of America’s leading casino and entertainment operators, Boyd Gaming knows about hospitality. Since 1975, Boyd has pushed the envelope on great experiences — and they’ve done that by constantly looking for new ways to elevate the meaning of exceptional customer service.


Fast Growth Requires Fast Service

With 24 gaming properties in seven states, Boyd is one of the largest casino and entertainment operators in the United States. Like any multi-location company, Boyd requires a communication system to keep its numerous properties in sync and its customers in touch.

For many years, Boyd’s system of choice was an on-premise, private branch exchange (PBX) telecom network. Since the company grew predominantly by acquisition, its communication infrastructure evolved into a mix of disparate PBX systems that didn’t provide the necessary functionality for integration and consistency. As Boyd expanded, it increased its focus on the customer experience to drive revenue growth through omnichannel marketing. This made it crucial to have an infrastructure that allowed for centralization and standardization of processes for hospitality reservations and interfacility communication so the company could compete with some of the nation’s largest hospitality providers.

The directive from the executive team was simple: update the communication infrastructure to one that would allow the multi-site entity to operate effectively and provide a consistent customer experience from coast to coast. This was an opportunity for Boyd to unite its brand, product, and customer experience, regardless of the location. 


Scaling Into The Future

Boyd turned to LinkSource for guidance. Having already conducted an audit of Boyd’s telecom system, LinkSource devised a strategy to map out a new direction for a communication solution that was relevant to the company’s core requirements and goals.

Given the entertainment giant’s plans for continued growth across the country, it was clear that Boyd needed a flexible and reliable solution that would be effective across great distances and provide opportunities for long-term scalability.

The obvious solution? Shifting Boyd’s many on-premise PBX systems to a cloud-hosted unified communication as a service (UCaaS) solution. This provided the consistent and uniform communications platform the company needed, regardless of the property where it was being used.

Discover UCaaS Savings


Customer Service Taken to New Heights

After deciding on a UCaaS solution, Boyd engaged LinkSource to help plan and execute on a full cloud migration strategy.

Since moving to a UCaaS communication model, Boyd has enjoyed the following benefits:

  • - Features and functionality far exceeding those of an on-premise PBX
  • - Massive cost savings due to no longer maintaining expensive equipment
  • - Empowered IT staff who can immediately solve issues in the cloud, regardless of a user’s location (changes in the previous PBX system could take weeks)

Take The Journey to The Cloud

Moving a major business function like telecom is often a daunting exercise for many businesses. After all, change can be overwhelming, especially if it happens quickly.


But Migrating to the Cloud Doesn’t Have to be Scary

In fact, we believe it should be enjoyable.

Here at LinkSource, we’re passionate about helping our clients migrate to the cloud, and that means helping them move in a way that makes sense to their business and needs.

Realizing no two company migrations are the same, we offer fully customized migration solutions. Further, we’ll be there with you every step of the way, from cloud migration strategy planning through ongoing cloud management. 


The linksource advantage

Boyd Gaming is now happily serving its customers—and its employees in various locations—from the cloud. But, like any journey, it took a team to make this move to the cloud possible.

With LinkSource as a strategic partner, Boyd was able to migrate its enhanced telecom system to the cloud hassle-free—and that’s the type of partnership we commit to each of our clients. We succeed when you succeed.

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