Insurance Brokerage Makes Momentous Decision

Nowadays, corporations compete on agility and insight more than the traditional metrics of price and features. Momentous Insurance Brokerage found that its legacy telecommunications system did not mesh with those drivers, so it made a switch to the cloud and dramatically improved its competitive position.

Operating since 2008, Momentous has become one of the top 50 insurance brokers in the United States. The privately owned financial services firm has employees spread across the country, serving clients around the globe.


Bogged Down by Bad Service

Communication drives Momentous’ business. The financial services company relied on a legacy on-premise private branch exchange (PBX) and a proprietary telecom solution to keep in touch. Although it was adequate when it was selected, problems arose as Momentous’ needs changed through the years. The system had an older design that didn’t meet new demands, especially in customer service, which it supported with a contact center solution.

Outages were common and carrier support unreliable. Downtime is unacceptable in the financial services industry, where “time is money” is more true than in others. So, as time went on, the system’s limitations became more pronounced.

Further, the business had little insight into its telecommunications expenses. The company was spending a lot of money and getting average service, at best. It needed a better option, one that provided greater reliability, visibility, and flexibility.


Rethinking the Network

The firm knew its system’s shortcomings but lacked expertise with current solution providers and services. Momentous turned to LinkSource, a trusted technology partner with a full suite of services. LinkSource started with evaluations (including deployments) and then provided ongoing monitoring.

Together, the companies stepped back and created a long-term network strategy that fit Momentous’ needs. In addition to addressing the outstanding issues with the legacy system, the duo looked to improve the brokerage’s enterprise network. Three key requirements emerged: security optimization, future-proofing, and cost efficiency. The company desired a modern, reasonably priced, secure solution.

Advantages of the Cloud

The potential benefits of shifting to a hosted UCaaS solution were many. The brokerage decided to make the switch, and their optimized telecom environment delivered these benefits:

  • Proactive troubleshooting leading to reliable, around-the-clock service
  • Productivity improvements
  • Enhanced security
  • Instantaneous reporting
  • More flexible and responsive customer support
  • Visibility into overall system usage and employee activity
  • Major cost savings through the use of shared PBX servers versus an on-site server
  • A platform supporting short-term and long-term growth



The Journey to the Cloud

Moving a major business function like telecom can be daunting for many businesses, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, we believe it should be enjoyable. Our team is passionate about helping our clients move to the cloud, and that means planning a strategic migration that makes sense for individual business needs.

We work alongside our clients every step of the way to ensure each migration is successful and delivers a roadmap for the future.


The LinkSource Advantage

Momentous is now fully functioning in the cloud, a result of collaboration between the brokerage’s internal teams and ours. We worked to understand Momentous’ requirements and goals and strategized to ensure a seamless migration. This is the type of partnership we strive to bring to every client relationship so we can provide the value our customers deserve. We succeed only when you succeed. 

See if your company can benefit from the same solutions we brought to Momentous by filling out our savings calculator.

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