Berkshire Hathaway Media Group Reigns in Wireline and Mobile Expenses

Today, newspapers constantly search for ways to reduce expenses. When Berkshire Hathaway Media Group made hired a new employee, this person recommended using LinkSource, a trusted technology advisor, after working with them at another publishing company. Hiring the telecommunications expense management (TEM) company reduced the media conglomerate’s telecom expenses by close to $30,000 a month and created more consistent, simpler to manage services.

BH Media, which is owned by Lee Enterprises, is the 10th largest newspaper media company in the United States. The corporation produces 119 newspapers, including 32 daily publications, in 10 states. Each publication has a digital presence in its marketplace with websites, mobile access, and native applications.


Limitations Emerge with Manual Monitoring

Newspapers have been under intense pressure from internet-based information distribution platforms, like social media. Consequently, BH Media was on the lookout for ways to maximize its return on any expenditure. Because of its diverse holdings, the media conglomerate had inefficiencies in its telecommunications services. Monitoring was done by employees in a number of departments with processes that were largely manual, isolated, and ineffective.


TEM is a Multi-Step Process

LinkSource was hired to take a close look at BH Media’s wireline and mobile telecommunications spending. The process of making such determinations begins with an audit that identifies what services a company is using. LinkSource then puts processes in place so all of the telecom information is consolidated into a central location. Finally, the TEM experts examine current contracts and identify potential changes.

On the wireline side of the equation, LinkSource found that some lines were no longer in use but were still being billed for. There was also duplication of services, which occurs when departments purchase them autonomously. Through the years, LinkSource has worked with telecommunications suppliers many times and was able to negotiate more favorable terms for its client. 

LinkSource uncovered similar findings with the mobile services. Businesses qualify for various discounts but may lack the knowledge to apply for them, or they purchase services that are more comprehensive (and more expensive) than needed. After making this discovery, LinkSource was able to help clean up the mobile systems over the course of several months.


A Plethora of Benefits

Moving forward, the media conglomerate has a tighter rein on these services. LinkSource now acts as a help desk, addressing any questions that arise from mobile service usage. The changes improved BH Media’s telecommunications services in several ways.

  • Services became simpler to deploy and enhance
  • IT employees’ time was freed up, so they could work on other company initiatives
  • The company gained more service consistency among its sites
  • Variances are simpler to identify and adjust
  • Employees spend less time collecting and analyzing service information
  • New sites are brought on faster
  • The company saved $12,000 monthly in wireline spend and $17,000 savings on mobility services


The LinkSource Advantage

By following LinkSource’s proven processes and deploying its well-established solutions, BH Media is now on the path toward effective telecom expense management. Its telecommunications budgeting, strategizing, planning, and asset management services are much stronger and empower, rather than detract from, the company’s competitive position.

Such an outcome would not be possible without the true partnerships LinkSource develops with each customer. We’re committed to delivering the best network solutions for every client, so we can provide the tailored value they deserve. Just ask one of our many customers: we deliver results.

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