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LinkSource Attends 2017 RSA Cyber Security Conference

The RSA conference was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from February 13-17 and touted a record attendance of 43,000! A mélange of tutorials, seminars, peer-to-peer sessions and 15 experienced keynote speakers were offered to attendees. LinkSource Technologies was excited to be a part of the event. Heck, even John Lithgow (infamous TV serial killer and alien high commander) stopped by to contribute to the opening monologue.

"Leading up to RSA Conference 2017 it could have been argued that this event was the most anticipated in our history," said Linda Gray Martin, Director and General Manager of RSA Conference. "Over the last few months information security has experienced both tremendous highs, and weathered scrutiny of lows as experts in private and public sectors debated various practices of information sharing. As a result of this increased exposure, it was critical to have an RSA Conference full of constructive dialog, discussion, and debate that will form the information security agenda and continue to move our industry forward.”

With over 700 speakers and more than 550 companies on the exposition floor, a lot of ground was covered. Popular topics included:

  • Cloud Assessments
  • Hacker Prevention
  • Perimeter Security Sans Firewalls
  • Organizational Behavior Modification
  • IoT Security & Regulation
  • Ransomware & Data Protection
  • Government Regulations

One topic dominated almost all discussions though, and that is a new way of addressing security and privacy across all platforms. We can’t just work harder at this; we must work smarter. Ransomware increased 600% since December 2015, with the FBI estimating this as a $1 billion-dollar income source to cyber criminals last year alone.

According to Michelle Ulrich, Cyber Security Coordinator for LinkSource Technologies, "The RSA event is a great opportunity to meet with clients to have a deeper discussion on cyber security, whether it's to learn what they are currently in their environment in terms of cybersecurity as well as address gaps or issues they're experiencing. We can also educate clients on best-in-class vendors, how they can not only secure their data, but in many cases, use certain security platforms to perform an audit and obtain a complete inventory of the devices in their network."

Technological advancements move at a screaming pace, and every new technology provides a new avenue and incentive for criminals to improve and impose their techniques. RSA was designed in the very spirit of this notion and provides a place for minds (of all walks of life) to gather, inform each other and find solutions to common problems.

At the end of the day, all the guests went back to their neck of the woods a little wiser, a little more informed and prepared to tackle the changing landscape of our high-tech world. Now is the time to improve security measures, whether at home, the office, or the White House. It’s a brave new world and together, we can prepare for what lies ahead.

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