LinkSource Technologies and Vigilant Technology Solutions at the Cyber Security Symposium

Hacking the Paradigm


Join LinkSource & Vigilant at the Cyber Security Symposium

LinkSource Technologies and Vigilant Technology Solutions will be at the Cyber Security Symposium, hosted by PSP, Inc., inside the Sacramento Convention Center Complex today and tomorrow (September 29 & 30). Stop by our booth today (# T52), or sit in for Chris Nyhuis' and Stephanie Cervantes' presentation, "Hacking the Paradigm" today at 10:15 am in room 319 (right near the booth).

We're also offering a free $10 Starbucks gift card for those that sign up and participate in a CyberDNATM demo. So, stop by our booth and ask how you can sign up!

If you'd like to join our session, "Hacking the Paradigm", please read the information below.

Education Session 8 - Hacking the Paradigm (Room - 319)


Chris Nyhuis, CEO, Vigilant Technology Solutions

Stephanie Cervantes, Security & Privacy Strategist, LinkSource Technologies, LLC

Description: In the midst of the chaotic stream of hacking attacks the trend for a 'one-size-fits-all' appliance approach is causing a stir. From nextgen firewalls, signature detection, vulnerability tests and signature-based detection, IT departments are grasping to answer their executive team’s question, “Are we 100% Secure?” This session will inform leadership on the new paradigm that must be adopted to protect against attacks and the damage that follows. We will show why off the shelf solutions, or 'one-size-fits-all' are not the best tactics in detection and why the trend in removing people from the equation is causing a rise in successful cyber attacks.


  • Why the paradigm of what 100% security means is causing the question to be answered wrong
  • The old equation of operational need + control doesn’t meet the standards needed to protect against attackers
  • How adding a third value to the equation will give you an edge over the adversary
  • Why you should expect advanced attacks

Expected Outcome: Attendees will come away with a better understanding of why the best architected network, the best security staff and the best security products and practices may not prevent a breach, stop malicious activity or have bad things happen to good companies. However, they will learn the critical strategy needed to prevent these things and dramatically mitigate the risk of doing business in an internet connected world.

Intended Audience: All - Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Architects and Technical Staff

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