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LinkSource Makes Better Business Decisions with iCharts

LinkSource Technologies is a leading cyber security and telecom lifecycle management company advising enterprise organizations globally how to navigate the complex, and sometimes confusing, telecom landscape as well as how to turn the tables on cyber terrorists and hackers.

To keep up with the fast-paced marketplace, LinkSource consistently evaluates cutting-edge technologies. This ensures they understand the marketplace as well as advise their clients on best-in-class software, such as iCharts.

About a year ago, LinkSource began using iCharts for NetSuite to track key sales metrics and make more informed business decisions.

iCharts is a cloud business intelligence platform that enables organizations to visualize and explore their data in real-time through natively embeddable analytics that are powerful and accessible to everyone.

In combination with iCharts, NetSuite becomes the hub for LinkSource to not only manage their accounting, but also their entire customer relationship management (CRM) to also intelligently monitor daily forecasts, revenue and sales. iCharts was named NetSuite SuiteApp of the year in 2016.

According to Curt Lewis, President and CEO of LinkSource Technologies, “iCharts software helped my company, and in particular, the sales team, make better and more timely ‘data-driven’ business decisions.”

Prior to iCharts, LinkSource used another CRM that did not meet their needs. After they moved to NetSuite, they quickly realized they were unable to gather their required data. They wanted a simple, yet quick way to export key data. iCharts was customized to fit LinkSource’s unique business model and industries served. Further customization helped them obtain the correct data in a way that made sense for LinkSource.

With two types of revenue, recurring and non-recurring, as well as two lines of business, Telecom carriers and Cyber Security, iCharts took this complexity and made it simple.

Instead of using clunky Excel spreadsheets to manually extract data, iCharts can chart and visualize data in a meaningful or easy way. iCharts software tool creates charts that can include “live” real-time data, which is essential to sales teams when quick decisions need to be made. iCharts charts can turn on filters and show various parts of a company’s data quickly and clearly.

Today, LinkSource can quickly access the data they need, visualize it in an easily consumable environment and ultimately, make better decisions due to the business intelligence available to them.

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About LinkSource Technologies®:

LinkSource believes that migrating to new technologies should be a seamless and simple experience for their clients. They partner with organizations to identify their unique business requirements and advise on secure, reliable, cost-effective solutions.

They are recognized technology advisors in the Telecom and Cloud Enablement industries and manage millions in annual client revenue for some of the most prominent global brands. LinkSource is known for thinking outside the box to create opportunities where others see obstacles. Their highly skilled, innovative team brings a fresh approach and perspective to common, and often complex problems. To learn more about LinkSource, click on the button below.

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