Is Your Company Paying Too Much for Wireless Services?

Work is no longer just a place; it's a network of people, customers, and content. The office is becoming increasingly mobile, and businesses need to be able to focus on their core business instead of worrying about mobile device usage and expenditures. There are far too many different aspects of the company to deal with daily to be held back by nuisance expense management and reporting problems. Wireless expense management brings together all of your wireless devices, expenses, and technologies, breaking down your silos and implementing one collaborative tool that uses standardized best practices to manage wireless costs and procedures. Hiring a wireless expert can benefit your business in many ways. Wireless services often represent a significant portion of business expenses, and this is an area in which many overpay because they do not know there is an opportunity for savings just waiting to be harnessed.

What is wireless expense management?

You know all those mobile devices your organization pays for—cell phones, tablets, telematics, fancy wearable gadgets, and other mobile technology? You know you have to track, analyze, manage, and pay for them, right? Of course, you do! Every organization has to deal with managing expenses, and one particular for many is wireless expenses. Organizations like yours are trying to better streamline and manage wireless devices and their corresponding subscriptions. This issue only continues to grow. The BYOD market for enterprise mobility is expected to rise to a whopping $73.3 billion by 2021. As the number of users and employees going mobile increases, so does the need to better manage and understand mobile expenses and how devices are used.

Although this idea of giving employees a way to stay connected and productive even when they aren't in the office is excellent for productivity and business as a whole, this freedom can result in a real headache for accounting teams attempting to keep control over the various contracts, data plans, and devices. Now, thanks to COVID-19, millions of workers are working remotely. Many employees are performing more of their tasks from smartphones or tablets. While this might result in increased productivity and flexibility, it also puts a significant burden on those responsible for managing and paying for all those devices.

How does wireless expense management help businesses?

In our experience, unused carrier lines are among the most common reasons for unnecessary wireless costs in a business. A sophisticated wireless expense management (WEM) plan helps to coordinate and manage everything associated with mobile devices, plans, usage, and their expenses, keeping your organization operating efficiently, compliant, and within reasonable costs. With the right partner, you can streamline your mobile accounts, monitor and eliminate unnecessary fees, and even optimize fares, plans, and promotions to ensure you get the best plan for your business users.

Inventory management matters! With so many mobile devices, it can be hard to keep up. Do you set data usage constraints or pay when users go over the limits? Wouldn't it be smarter to send your team an alert that they should switch to WiFi and limit the amount of data they need? With a system and plan in place to monitor in real time and push alerts to users, wireless management could help save your organization big bucks!

Opportunities for significant improvements include

  • Lower mobile plan rates
  • Prevention of billing errors through automatic communication with service providers
  • Maintenance and improvement of your mobile usage policy
  • Bill management and 100% transparency, including individual device usage and billing
  • Minimization of employee misuse or abuse of your organization's mobile devices
  • Identification and retirement of low or no-usage devices
  • Definition of data to drive strategic decision-making

Ideal wireless expense management provides updated usage and cost information on individual network users, departments, and all devices on your network. However, this is often difficult as many organizations actually have more than one mobile carrier. This makes it difficult to allocate costs from various monthly invoices, analyze all the usage, and prepare reports for individuals and teams to understand.

By utilizing modern wireless expense management solutions, you can easily combine invoices, report on usage metrics, and view all your information in user-friendly dashboards. By choosing a wireless expense management platform, you get the ability to share these robust dashboards virtually across various users, teams, and geographic locations.

Find the right partner.

Finding a WEM partner is about more than just technology. You’re relying on wireless services now more than ever. You need a real partner, one who not only has the technology but also understands your organization and fits your culture. Experience is a good teacher, and your partner puts their experience to work for your organization so you don’t need to recruit and train IT staff yourself.

Choosing the right platform and partner can mean the difference between a single simple solution for managing all of your assets and a complicated process of interconnected systems. Wireless expense management helps you avoid the complexities that come with managing your wireless services, allowing you to focus on the more critical components of corporate governance. While you might be okay managing your wireless expenses, why would you want to? In today's constantly evolving world, you need help from experts more than ever. LinkSource is ready to help improve your wireless management experience. For more information about wireless expense management, the cloud, or managing your company's telecommunications technology and expenses, follow the LinkSource blog!

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