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UCaaS: Communications Technology that Grows with your Business

Technology changes exponentially faster every day. Unfortunately, business infrastructure doesn't. Recently, however, quarantine and economic issues have inspired many companies to rethink their traditional communications systems. With more employees than ever working remotely, less reliance on conventional in-office staff and client meetings, and more emphasis on collaboration, now is the time for enterprise-level businesses to improve their global communications technology. UCaaS offers the perfect solution for business communication that fits your changing needs.

What is UCaaS?

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS), also known as hosted UC or cloud-based UC, is a system of cloud-based telecommunications services. Since the only infrastructure necessary is a way to access the internet, UCaaS allows users to easily and inexpensively utilize a wide variety of communication and collaboration applications and services. These services encompass essentially every way that your employees could communicate internally and externally, including telephony services, data sharing, and video conferencing.

An experienced UCaaS provider will evaluate your business’s telecom needs and develop a holistic communication strategy that both serves your current needs and has the flexibility to change along with your business. UCaaS is an efficient, cost-effective way to obtain the telecom services you need without investing a lot of capital for telecommunications equipment like phones, communications lines, and onsite network equipment.

UCaaS for Voice Communications

UCaaS delivers traditional premises-based PBX technology over the internet instead of relying on physical infrastructure.

These cloud-hosted PBX phone systems offer the standard features of traditional business telephone systems as well as many additional benefits. Typically, they include call forwarding, unified messaging (transcription of voicemail to email), call hold, synchronized contacts, multiple-line conferencing, automated or attended answering services, and more. Many cloud PBX service providers also offer instant messaging (chat), audio, web, and video conferencing, desktop sharing/remote access features, and data sharing capabilities.

Integrating UCaaS with Existing Communications Systems

Basing your communications services in the cloud allows all users in your organization to transmit messages through one medium and others to receive them on a different medium or using different devices (for example, to access a written transcript of a voicemail in their email inbox). These options can enable remote workers to integrate seamlessly by routing your data through a centralized, cloud-based service, allowing all members of your organization to be completely accessible through whatever medium they prefer at each moment, regardless of where they are.

Your employees likely rely heavily on mobility and use their personal mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or other internet devices when out of the office or working from home. UCaaS enables employees to use their own devices while ensuring secure, real-time, instant access to data and each other.

Benefits of UCaaS

Cloud-based UCaaS systems provide a host of great features and often save you money. They reduce capital expenditures because you don't need to install (or keep upgrading) extensive communications hardware. Cloud-based global UCaaS networks offer much better speed, security, and reliability than on-premises solutions.

Plus, as your business needs ebb and flow, you'll only pay for the services you need when you need them. Cloud-based UC allows your business to access additional benefits and storage when necessary and eliminate them when they aren't. This scalability and flexibility make UCaaS an economical, efficient solution for businesses of all sizes.

Reliable Communications at a Lower Cost

UCaaS eliminates the redundancy of voice calling through both hardlines and cell phones as well as the need for on-site servers and communications equipment. This means more efficient, timely, reliable communications, vastly fewer demands on IT personnel, and lower hardware costs. Your users can be confident that they can access your company’s network data and each other reliably and in real time, using whatever means they prefer.

Enhanced Security

UCaaS can be tailored to your business’s needs for security and reliability. It can offer more frequent and more thorough data backup, allowing you to preserve your information in multiple data centers with the level of encryption and security protocols necessary for each level of data. Your data can be monitored 24/7 in a secure, off-premises system, protecting against internal and external breaches, mistakes, and technology failures.

Cloud-based UC allows you to constantly utilize the latest updates in communications technology without the hassle and expense of upgrading hardware and independent software. It saves time for your IT professionals and your users, improves the security of your data and communications, and keeps you at the forefront of tech-savvy communications. 

With all the benefits of UCaaS technology discussed in this blog, fill out our calculator to see if your business could benefit from moving your systems to a cloud-based system.

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