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Top Upcoming Enterprise Telecom Hardware Releases for 2022

Enterprise Hardware telecom

Going back in time is a great movie premise, but your business can suffer if its telecom hardware is from the past. With today's virtual and connected world, businesses must keep up.

How do you keep your hardware current when the market is changing so fast? One of the best ways is to keep up with new product releases as they come out. As new products are released, you can gain insight into the direction business is moving. Here is a quick guide to some of the latest telecom releases that will affect business in 2022.


Telecom Foundation Releases

The power of your telecom ability lies in the foundational pieces. Your switches, firewalls, and routers are the base from which you’ll build all your telecom capabilities. 

400G Technology

Network demand has significantly increased with the rise of telework and streaming. 400G has become the key to solving networking challenges. Arista, which was one of the first to introduce 400G capabilities, has come out with a new series of data center switches. The 7060X5 offers 400GbE and 200Gbe optimized for Hyperscale Cloud and AI environments. With 64 400G ports, the 7060X5 supports a wide variety of port speeds with a large selection of optics and cables. Their speeds of a single chip have now reached speeds of 25.6 Tbps!

Firewall Integration

Fortinet has brought specialized firewall protection to the many companies using the Microsoft Azure platform. Azure's infrastructure security can now have the strength of Fortinet's next-generation firewall capabilities. This gives customers the ability to apply advanced security policies from any vendor. They can extend secure SD-WAN into the Azure virtual WAN hub, ensuring cloud interactions are safe and secure.


This enables more integration for enterprises using Azure, allowing them to interconnect with applications using Azure across their company. This works in both office work environments and remote office options. With Fortinet’s FortiGate-VM application, companies can push the security into the Azure Virtual WAN. This gives them the ability to secure any application on the cloud as well as the cloud on-ramping.

Access Point Releases


Cisco Meraki


If you don't have strong access points for your team members, your whole system can be slowed down. Trying to do a teleconference with slow Wi-Fi aggravates everyone involved, and customers expect strong Wi-Fi from you. Cisco Meraki has released a new set of Wi-Fi 6 certified models that offer blazing speeds for better experiences. These models offer more capacity for high-density indoor and outdoor environments.

They also offer the full technological back end to understand your network. Some of the benefits of the Cisco system include

  • Network-wide visibility and control
  • Device-specific firewall rules
  • The ability to deploy applications and enforce security settings 



Juniper also offers new wireless access points that work in conjunction with their powerful Mist AI capabilities, giving your system the ability to optimize user experiences across the platform. Their AP45 Access Point brings their patented virtual Bluetooth LE technology to the 6GHz band. This helps companies increase their channel width and capacity across their organizations. The AP45 has access points have data ranges in the 6GHz, 5GHz, and 2.4 GHz range. This means they work with the latest technology as well as older technology for people who don't have the latest equipment. 

Interactive Releases 



The ultimate test of your telecom system comes when you must interact. In today's business world, online meetings are commonplace, and you want to make sure yours are top quality. Poly recently unveiled its Poly Studio X70 at Zoomtopia. This is an all-in-one video bar that provides strong stereo sound across large boardrooms along with crisp 4K video. It comes with a dual-camera design that uses AI technology to switch between a 120-degree wide-angle lens and a 70-degree telephoto lens. This gives great views of the boardroom, and both have 20-megapixel sensors for sharp clarity. The microphones have patented NoiseBlock AI and Acoustic Fence features to help sound stay clean. They also can pick up people’s voices clearly when they speak in the boardroom, no matter where they’re sitting.




Yealink has introduced the MP Series of phones that integrate Zoom technologies. They are certified as Zoom Phone Appliances and enable effortless collaborations among your team members. Built-in native Zoom applications provide ease of use. The friendly and intuitive UI on the touch screen makes running a meeting easy. There are also many different headsets and hardware options to fit your needs. With premium display, audio, and whiteboard features, these phone appliances will make scheduling and managing online meetings easier. They offer noise-proof technology and full hands-free speakerphone capabilities.

Your Technology Future

These are just a few of the new releases that are coming out to help your business stay on the cutting edge of productivity. This helps you streamline your communication so you can focus on your business. LinkSource specializes in being a technology managing partner for businesses. We help organizations streamline their hardware sourcing with our extensive network of partners. We can also provide solutions for managing your IT infrastructure and help manage vendor relations.