Win CCaaS RFPs With an Automated RFP Tool

CCaaS technologies are on the rise — and so are CCaaS adoption rates by businesses around the globe.

In fact, according to a Genesys-commissioned study by the IDC, nearly 50% of mid-sized contact centers worldwide have deployed CCaaS solutions, with an additional third in the process of implementation.

Fuelling this adoption is the growing availability of CCaaS technologies on the market today. With thousands of CCaaS options currently available and growing, the CCaaS market is expected to reach an astonishing 24.11 billion USD by 2023 (up from USD 6.47 billion in 2017).

For CCaaS managed service providers, all of this is great news. The bigger the market appetite, the better the odds of success. But this trend also makes the MSP’s job much more difficult — the more technologies available means the more difficult it is to find the right fit for a client.

The good news? There’s an easy way to find those right providers — and it all starts with an Automated CCaaS RFP Platform.

What is an Automated CCaaS RFP Platform?

Like most MSPs, the chances are that you’re well familiar with an RFP (request for proposal). For decades, businesses have relied upon RFPs to find the best service vendor for their needs. Traditionally, these RFPs have been based on an open-question paragraph form format — leaving vendors to respond according to how they interpreted the question. The challenge with this open approach is that it often produces a wide-range of responses that make grading very difficult to perform (how can you grade an apple against an orange after all)?

Automated CCaaS RFP Platforms, on the other hand, presents a new approach to the RFP process. Completely digital, these automated platforms do away with open-format questions in favor of a multiple-choice format. By doing so, ambiguity in responses is stripped away, allowing for a straightforward comparison of vendor responses.

DirectRFP®: Your CCaaS RFP Platform Solution

Like you, we at DirectRFP® live and breathe IT and telecom — our team has over 20 years of experience developing RFPs specifically for the IT and telecom sector. And it’s from this experience that we decided to build an RFP automation platform that would eliminate the work and produce better results for MSPs like you. We knew there was a better way to approach RFPs.

CCaaS RFP Questions at Your Fingertips

One of the biggest pain points of writing an RFP is coming up with the right questions. After all, a good question can make the difference between finding a so-so vendor and the perfect fit.

With DirectRFP®, that headache is a thing of the past. Based on our years of experience, and the thousands of contact center RFPs we’ve written, we’ve prepared a library of out-of-the-box CCaaS questions to make your RFP development that much smoother. Available in a plug-and-play format, you can simply pick the questions that work for your needs and add them to your DirectRFP® experience.

Other reasons to work with DirectRFP®

Besides our library of CCaaS questions, DirectRFP® also offers the following benefits:

  • We work exclusively on RFPs for the IT and telecom sectors — we know the questions to ask, the answers to expect, and the best vendors to talk to.
  • We’ve streamlined the old RFP process into an efficient, automated system that cuts out most of the manual work and delivers better results.
  • Unlike other organizations that only help build an RFP, we’ll support your client every step of the way — from planning to negotiating the final details of the contract.

Join the RFP Revolution

Gain access to DirectRFP®’s exclusive bank of CCaaS RFP questions by joining us today. Contact us for your free demo now.