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DirectRFP® Launches the World’s First RFP Automated Technology Platform

RFP Management Made Easy and Built To Solicit Exact and Measurable Responses

ROSEVILLE, California, (May 24, 2018). DirectRFP® launches the world’s first automated RFP technology platform designed to revolutionize and simplify the traditional legacy procurement process.Made for small and large enterprises and public sector organizations that have a multi-person RFP and procurement team, DirectRFP® elevates the user experience through an intelligent and intuitive platform that allows buyers to reduce RFP deployment costs by over 50% and vendors reduce RFP response time by over 80%.DirectRFP® is the first technology platform designed to solicit exact and measurable responses solving problems such as:[dt_vc_list dividers="false"]

  • Creation and Deployment - Saving you time by allowing access to previous RFPs and a question library to help create new RFPs, all deployed via the one platform.
  • Scoring and Analysis - Do away with paragraph answers that are impossible to compare. DirectRFP® allows for measurable responses and question weighting to find the right vendor.
  • Transparency - Analytics, tracking, and reporting in real time to make sure you have all of the information you need.

[/dt_vc_list]DirectRFP® is aimed at reducing RFP creation time by 60% and halving the cost of your RFP process.

“We are extremely pleased to launch DirectRFP®. As a company, we have worked on hundreds of RFPs for a range of businesses and could really see a need for software that simplified and automated the process and brought it all online.”, said Curt Lewis, CEO, DirectRFP®. “We could see the benefit of extracting exact responses to remove the ambiguity that is a major frustration when dealing with paragraph-based RFPs.”

Lewis continued, “when organizations are able to deploy RFPs quickly and allow bidders to simplify the response process, it leads to more bids, and therefore more savings for the buyer. DirectRFP® is intended to be a win-win for both the buyer and bidder”.

Designed for procurement teams with flexible role-based permissions and access, DirectRFP® helps organizations to easily create, share, structure, measure, and analyze RFPs through a streamlined online platform. Unlike traditional paragraph-based RFPs, DirectRFP® uses set answers and weighted scoring to help teams automatically find the exact supplier solution for their business needs.

Vendors and supplier bidders enjoy the ability to collaborate with remote teams on multiple RFPs at once and are free from the burden of storing, saving, and replicating documents and responses. DirectRFP® retains previously submitted RFPs and bidders can now speed up and respond more quickly.“Responding to RFPs has never been easier. We can quickly ascertain our client needs and respond with the exact solution requirements. Traditional paragraph-based, open-ended RFPs can invite ambiguity; DirectRFP®’s exact sections that require specific answers on a wide range of telecom and cloud requirements means that we’re able to answer each question to best support our client’s needs", said Chris Werpy, Senior Vice President, Solutions and Services, Masergy.The creation of RFPs has never been easier thanks to a revolutionary question library and legacy RFP storage. Import old word or .csv files to reuse and help create specific questioning and measurable responses for ease of review.

DirectRFP® is hosting a free webinar on June 26, 2018 (10 am Pacific/ 1 pm Eastern) that will provide an overview of how DirectRFP® solves RFP challenges faced by procurement professionals. There will be an in-depth product demonstration of the platform as well.Register for the June 26 webinar at:
https://connect.directrfp.com/free-webinar-find-the-right-vendorAbout DirectRFP®: DirectRFP® is a procurement software designed to simplify the way organizations manage their RFP process. As the world's first RFP technology platform built to solicit exact and measurable responses by eliminating the use of ambiguous paragraph-based questions, we help teams easily create, share, measure and score RFP responses to quickly find the best vendor for their business need.

Made for small and large enterprises and public sector organizations that have a multi-person RFP and procurement team, DirectRFP® was made to elevate the user experience through an intelligent and intuitive solution that disrupts the standard RFP deployment process allowing buyers to reduce RFP deployment costs by over 50% and vendors reduce RFP response time by over 80%.

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