DirectRFP® Featured in CIO Review

Our very own Curt Lewis recently sat down with tech magazine CIO Review to give an overview of LinkSource’s RFP tool, DirectRFP®.The interview kicked off with Curt sharing what motivated the LinkSource team to create DirectRFP in the first place. “We saw clients struggle over the years with the traditional, yet antiquated, RFP process,” Curt stated.

He then went on to describe the desire amongst many customers to save time and money on their RFPs. And it was from this customer desire that Curt and his team decided to create DirectRFP — a fully automated tool that helps teams increase efficiency and decrease the cost of their RFPs.

The interview captured many of DirectRFP’s key features, including:

  • Online, cloud-based
  • RFPs built within minutes — not weeks
  • Vast database of existing questions
  • Weighted questions and answers
  • Ranks suppliers immediately after submission
  • Clear audit trail for compliance

With DirectRFP, teams can also build their RFPs on an easy-to-score multiple-choice format — thereby eliminating ambiguous and hard-to-grade and compare paragraph responses.

The interview also highlighted LinkSource’s Telecom Lifecycle Management (TLM) services. Designed for enterprises with complex telecom needs, LinkSource’s TLM provides end-to-end management of telecom services and infrastructure (from planning and procurement to ongoing support and expense management). One particular client of LinkSource’s TLM services was highlighted in the interview — a large U.S. utility that saved 15% on their telecom through LinkSource’s TLM services.

The interview wrapped with a look toward LinkSource’s next move into cloud security. Since our start, LinkSource has been committed to giving our customers the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the ever-changing world of telecom.

Carrying on with this tradition, we’ve recently launched a new video series called, “It’s not IF, but WHEN you’ll be hacked: Cyber Terrorism, Security, and Telecom.” Designed to keep our clients safe, the video series provides answers to some of the toughest security and telecom challenges facing organizations today.

We encourage everyone to check out this new series and get in touch with us with any cloud security questions you may have.