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A 10-Year Light Bulb - How DirectRFP Came To Be

People have procured goods and services forever, even if the process has changed from swapping a hunting spear for a grinding wheel to going on Amazon and clicking away.

But for businesses procuring communications technology equipment and services, things haven’t changed all too much in the last thirty years. It’s still a time-consuming, arduous process to develop the RFP, deploy it, and read through and evaluate the bids.

And after all that time and cost, are you sure you’ve found the best vendor based on your business requirements?

That’s what we’d always wondered — and we despised the resource-intensive RFP process and the frustration expressed by both buyers and bidders involved in the process.

Then came the light bulb — even though it took nearly a decade to get it right.

Why not automate — and audit — as much of the process as possible?

So we did, and after much trial and error, we’ve launched DirectRFP® into the world.

How DirectRFP® Simplifies the Procurement Process — No More RFP Time Suck

DirectRFP® is the world's first RFP technology platform designed to solicit exact and measurable responses.

Its question library is growing constantly – and instead of questions that elicit ambiguous, paragraph-based answers — the questions lead to answers that can be scored and evaluated instantaneously.

The procurement software:

  • Cuts 60% off your RFP creation time
  • Slashes your costs by 50%
  • Offers up to you (on a silver platter) 100% instantaneous results analysis.

A Revolutionary Way to Help Our Clients

A Revolutionary Way to Help Our Clients

It’s not always the largest supplier who has the solution that’s right for you. Yet smaller, niche providers don’t always have the staff to deal with complicated RFPs. DirectRFP® solves that by helping the vendor get to the customer and helping the customer find the right vendor.

And with all the automation, you can focus on the critical elements of the RFP process, and gain the ability to make more efficient and quicker decisions.

It was a tool 10 years in the making, but it's head and shoulders above its competition. We are very proud and pleased that we can launch DirectRFP® to the world.

I’d love to get your feedback. Contact DirectRFP® here. Leave a comment or send me a message. Look forward to getting your feedback!

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