Protect Your Business from Cyber Terrorism, Security & Telecom

Everyone knows that cyber terrorism is on the rise. It’s in the news daily, but the real problems facing most organizations are:

  • how to properly secure your data
  • how to find the right security company you can trust to help you
  • how to pay for these new services.

LinkSource Technologies helps clients solve all of these problems.

LinkSource Technologies is a leading security and telecom lifecycle management company advising organizations how to turn the tables on cyber terrorists and hackers. They were also recently named as Top 10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies for 2016 as well as Top 20 Telecommunications Consulting Firm in 2015 by The Silicon Review. They’ve saved clients over $1.6 billion on telecom while managing over $500 million in carrier contracts and more than 150,000 mobile devices in countries spanning the globe.

LinkSource Technologies' Approach

LinkSource takes a different, yet agile approach with their clients and partners, setting themselves apart from the crowd. They work in collaboration with their clients throughout the entire process, including design, negotiations and implementation, as well as providing a VIP experience. LinkSource’s ability to be agile allows them to rapidly adapt to market changes, changes in their client’s business environment and also find cost-effective solutions.

They also believe in taking a vendor agnostic approach, which allows them the ability to assess their client’s business requirements, with an open mind. This successful approach allows LinkSource to discover and vet first-rate companies and technologies in advance so you don’t have to. In addition, during an architecture review, efficiencies and savings are found resulting in monies the client is able to use to either self-fund cyber security services or to reallocate the savings to other projects.


LinkSource Technologies' Expertise

Leading the highly experienced security team at LinkSource is Stephanie Cervantes, formerly Chief IT Security Officer at CA Department of Justice (DOJ); Chief Security Architect at CalPERS, CISO at CA State Board of Equalization. She has served on many State and Federal-level security policy development groups and advisory boards. She is the founder of the CA Inter-Agency Security Group, which she chaired for 20 years, as well as a founding member and current Board Member of the Sacramento Chapter of InfraGard, a public/private sector alliance between the FBI and critical infrastructure. She has received several awards for her work in the security and privacy realms from both the State and Federal government and is a regular speaker for local and national security panels.  As a former procurer of security technologies and services, Stephanie brings a unique perspective when assessing and advising clients on how to best protect their data and technical infrastructure.

Understanding how to protect your organization’s employees and citizens as well as your IT, network and telecom infrastructure is critical in successfully defending your organization against future cyber threats. Over the last several years, many private and public organizations were crippled by cyber attacks. Your employees unknowingly may grant intruders access to your organization’s network, putting your operation and confidential records at risk. Security compliance to government mandates and standards does NOT automatically mean your organization is secure or safe. Traditional security architecture does not stop breaches. It is no longer a question IF you will be breached, but WHEN!

LinkSource is very passionate about educating clients about their cyber security risks, which is why they recently produced a video series called, “It’s not IF, but WHEN you’ll be Hacked: Cyber Terrorism, Security & Telecom”. These videos will provide answers to some of the hardest security and telecom challenges facing organizations in today’s always-connected business environments.

Join Stephanie Cervantes (Former State of California DOJ Chief of Information Security) and Curt Lewis, President and CEO of LinkSource Technologies as they discuss the evolution and future of technology, telecom, and security. In today’s business environment, Telecom and Cyber Security are so intertwined that it’s difficult to have one without the other.

To speak with a LinkSource representative or to learn more about how LinkSource can help your organization with cyber security or telecom services, please contact us.

About LinkSource Technologies®

LinkSource believes that migrating to new technologies should be a seamless and simple experience for their clients. They partner with organizations to identify their unique business requirements and advise on secure, reliable, cost-effective solutions.

They are recognized technology advisors in the Telecom and Cloud Enablement industries and manage millions in annual client revenue for some of the most prominent global brands. LinkSource is known for thinking outside the box to create opportunities where others see obstacles. Their highly skilled, innovative team brings a fresh approach and perspective to common, and often complex problems. To learn more about LinkSource, click on the button below.

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