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Is a Contact Center as a Service the Right Fit for My Business?

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How does your business interact with customers today? Most businesses rely on live calls and email as their primary customer communication channels; however, customer satisfaction with multiple channels of communication such as live chat, SMS, social media, etc is high and rising—up to 83.1% in a recent study of millions of interactions. Is your contact center equipped to interact with your customer across all omni-channel mediums? 

Operating a contact center is expensive. Expanding can take considerable time, space, and resources. Contact center as a service (CCaaS) lifts these limits so your business can grow more easily. Here's what you should know about CCaaS.

What Is Contact Center as a Service?

CCaaS is a customer relations technology solution that saves companies valuable resources while enhancing the customer service experience. CCaaS enables companies to operate their contact centers using software accessed on-demand, eliminating the need to upgrade on-site infrastructure and hardware. Because CCaaS is cloud technology, contact center staff can work wherever they are—at the company headquarters, in a remote office, or from home.

Users access cloud-based software, data storage, and infrastructure on an as-needed, customized basis. The service providers manage and operate all IT investments, infrastructure, and hardware, including data centers and cybersecurity. CCaaS also gives you tools to improve your customer relations performance.  

The Benefits of CCaaS

Your contact center is the heart and soul of your customer relations. You need efficient tools that offer your customers open communication channels and keep up with the way they want to communicate. CCaaS does all of that and more.

Increased Contact Center Capabilities

Because CCaaS is a customer service technology based in the cloud, it gives you instant access to version updates, the latest tools, and analytics. The cloud gives you more flexibility so your business can quickly respond to needs as they arise in real-time. 

CCaaS gives you access to effective customer service tools like omnichannel marketing so your customers can communicate with you using any channel they choose. CCaaS also provides workforce engagement management (WEM) applications to enhance the customer support experience. You get tools for call recording, performance and quality management, and workforce optimization, ensuring that your staffing levels always match your needs including skills-based routing.

Easier, Faster Scalability

Scalability is critical to success in today's business climate. That's why businesses turn to the cloud for everything from infrastructure support to software. They use the cloud to handle backup and data storage and access software as a service for payroll and electronic data exchange (EDI).

 Your customer service technology must be able to shift, change, and grow as rapidly as your business demands. Hitting pause to retool can cost you too much time and money in the effort to keep up. CCaaS offers agility on par with other cloud-based "as-a-service" models, providing scalable solutions for your contact center. Your company size and agents boost capabilities to handle increased demand as rapidly as needed. With CCaaS, your customer contact center can be exactly what your business needs at any given time, and, should your company's focus shift, you can pivot smoothly and keep the focus on customer service instead of infrastructure changes.

Remote Agents

Today's business no longer requires a centralized location. Many customer interactions can be handled remotely, with employees staffing virtual contact centers. Because CCaaS is based in the cloud, customer service agents can use it anywhere they access the internet. This allows you to scale back physical infrastructure and save money while giving your employees more flexibility.

Improved Customer Experience

Your contact center exists to serve your customers’ needs. CCaaS tools give you enhanced insight that empowers you to optimize the customer service experience. Better customer data leads to better customer experiences. In addition to omnichannel communication capabilities allowing customers to interact with you how they choose, CCaaS gives your agents immediate access to the customer data they need to provide superior service.

CCaaS Cost Savings

CCaaS drives efficiencies and cost savings in multiple ways. From improved AHT and CSAT scores to reduced FTE’s, CCaaS provides you the technology platform which allows your customers to interact with you how they choose while proving all the real-time information you need to support their needs.

Disaster Recovery

Fires, floods, hurricanes, pandemics, and other disasters can disrupt business. You need a disaster recovery plan that helps you maintain your company's competitive advantage. Your customer service technology must be able to keep communication channels open, even in times of crisis. The cloud gives CCaaS a big advantage over premises-based contact centers, since all infrastructure and IT support is located offsite. Secure, remote access means you can quickly regroup and recover.

CCaaS Solutions

CCaaS offers customer-centered solutions that are designed to evolve with the marketplace. The cloud makes CCaaS flexible, affordable, and scalable enough to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses, leaving traditional, in-house contact center technology in the dust. 

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