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Help! Our Digital Transformation Strategy is Making Us Obsolete

Oh the mighty Cloud: how we fear its wrath and power. The implementation of a digital transformation strategy is a continual aspect of the technological space and with that comes job transformation. Fear of technological progress is unnecessary. Robots won’t take our jobs, they will amend them, and it is time to start using this to our advantage.

The IT Department vs. The Cloud

Despite what many people think, the IT department does a lot more than tell you to turn your computer off and back on again. They are a crucial cog in the mechanism of your business, and the last thing you want them to do is fear being replaced by the Cloud.

The SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS replacements are not the enemy. They are not to be feared, but instead revered! The fact that by 2020, roughly 70 percent of all IT services and technology spending will be cloud-based is also an excellent reason to get familiar with the idea.

Head in the Cloud

We already take advantage of the Cloud daily, and it makes our lives easier. The main advantage of the Cloud is running software and services from the internet instead of taking up bandwidth and storage space on local drives. Things run cheaper and more efficiently from the Cloud, and your data is continually backed up and secure.

The Cloud does not eliminate the IT positions within your company; it merely changes their descriptions. You will continue to work with technology, but as you transition to digital transformation consulting, your ability to adapt is more crucial than ever.

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Benefits of Digital Transformation Strategy

Traditional infrastructure costs money, requires heavy resources to maintain, and is inefficient. A cloud-based digital transformation strategy improves all of these aspects and more. It will remove the need for traditional IT functions like managing servers, installing software, and other enterprise IT tasks, paving the way for the IT department to focus on:

  • Reconfiguring IT infrastructure
  • Moving infrastructure between Private and Public Clouds
  • Managing a green IT initiative
  • Cloud capacity management
  • Designing and implementing converged infrastructure, or a Hybrid Cloud initiative
  • Protecting business data from breaches, attacks, and natural disasters
  • Optimizing data storage and ensuring data availability

The Cloud still requires operational oversight and knowledge to prevent a data disaster.

The New IT Role

The new, cloud-friendly, IT worker is a business process expert focused on big-picture problem-solving. They manage relationships and provide custom development of innovative applications while still providing technical support.

The Cloud Still Requires Human IT Trained Entities to:

  • Orchestrate service providers
  • Manage parts of cloud technologies
  • Customize SaaS applications
  • Implement automation
  • Standardize processes
  • Manage cloud capacity and usage patterns

Plus, these roles will see higher demand as cloud providers continue to expand.

Digital Transformation Consulting

The importance of this new role within your IT department cannot be understated. The idea of business transformation is nothing new; it has always been a part of business strategy. Digital transformation is the same idea, only focused on business technology.

When you consider how important technological advancement is, it makes sense to ensure this role is filled by someone within your IT department. So rejoice: Your digital transformation strategy has already created a new job!


Utilizing the Cloud

The benefits and uses of the Cloud are far-reaching, but to really keep your IT department happy, introduce them to the Cloud via communications technology.

You will find increased efficiency and scalability on a range of services including:

  • UCaaS - phone systems
  • CCaaS - contact center
  • SD-WAN - software-defined networks
  • Collaboration software - conferencing/chat

You can remove the high costs of on-site hardware with a simple digital transformation to the Cloud.

Embrace the Almighty Cloud

Remember that film where the apes took over the Earth? Wouldn’t that have gone much better if we all just got along? The Cloud isn’t really anything like those apes; it’s much nicer. But its story will also go far better if we learn to get along.

Technological evolution and innovation are a non-negotiable part of the IT world and should be embraced. Digital transformation must be at the forefront of any enterprise IT strategy and include the development of new skills and expertise. Technologies like cloud computing transform the role of the IT department into something far greater and more beneficial for the business as a whole.

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