Benefits of a Cloud Hosted PBX Phone System

Cloud hosted PBX phone systems are the future of call flows for business. A cloud PBX phone system is an internet-based system that routes calls to the proper department or extension. What differentiates a cloud PBX system from a traditional PBX system is that cloud systems do not require the expensive, massive hardware that a traditional system would. This is because all of the data is stored on the cloud.

There are many benefits to a cloud PBX system compared to a traditional PBX system. 

  • Inexpensive
  • Take up no space
  • Flexible capabilities and added features
  • Reliable
  • Maintenance free
  • Secure

Low Cost

A typical cost for a standard plan is only $24.99 per month. Because traditional PBX systems cost upwards of thousands of dollars, cloud PBX practically pays for itself. Additionally, you gain access to a continuously updated system that can accommodate an unlimited number of users.


For a bit more money, you can upgrade to a premium service and get real-time analytics and call recording. Other plans are also available, so you can select the one that best suits your needs. No matter what plan you choose, you won’t have to hire someone to support your cloud PBX system. If anything goes wrong, the provider already has qualified people ready to help.

Different companies need different things, and the cloud PBX system is there to meet your needs. Cloud PBX systems are much more flexible than traditional PBX systems because they are controlled by in-app software rather than physical wiring. They often have an intuitive design that allows users to easily create extensions with intelligent routing.

Cloud-based PBX systems are flexible for employees, too. They can swap calls from one device to another with the click of a button. Some, such as RingCentral, are open platforms, allowing you to build your own integrations to fit specific requirements. This is perhaps cloud-based PBX’s biggest advantage over traditional systems. It gives you total control on how your company operates.

Uninterrupted Service and Expanded Features

Most flagship cloud PBX providers, like RingCentral or Nextiva, give you access to 24/7 service. That way, any issues can be fixed overnight, so you do not have to worry about them the next day. A cloud PBX system also offers features that traditional PBX systems don’t. With cloud PBX, you can host video meetings with up to 100 people for up to 24 hours. You can also integrate the system with popular apps like Microsoft Teams, G Suite, Slack, and more as well as access your system from your browser.

Unlike standard PBX systems, which are prone to crashing due to external factors such as weather, flagship cloud PBX providers boast 99.999% uptime and don’t require maintenance. Time is money, and with no need to worry about maintenance, you will save a lot of valuable time.


Cloud PBX systems store their data in secure, remote Tier 1 data centers. From there, that data is transferred to the cloud, then to individual devices through the app. This allows employees to bring their own devices without jeopardizing security. Since all the data is stored in the app, employees don’t have to store business contacts in their phone, which would expose the contact information in the event the device was stolen.

How can a cloud PBX system directly benefit your business? 

A cloud PBX system can improve employee experience, employee communication, team performance, work quality, and future proof your company.

Improved Employee Experience

Cloud PBX systems also improve employee experience. Traditionally, everyone would be assigned a landline phone designated to either them or their department. With a cloud system, employees can bring in their own phones and access everything through the app. This allows them much more freedom, as they now have the ability to move around rather than sit at the phone waiting for a call. Whether they’re out for lunch or just stretching their legs, cloud PBX allows you to be in contact your employees anytime, anywhere.

Seamless Communication = Better Results

Internal communication is critical to your organization’s ability to function as a unit. A cloud PBX system allows for quick and clear communication among your employees and customers by providing intuitive call routing. With seamless communication, your company will be able to produce better results.

Cloud PBX is the future of call routing. The many benefits of cloud PBX can help your organization stay ahead of the curve. To learn more about cloud computing, subscribe to the LinkSource blog.

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