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AI and CCaaS - What You Need to Know

AI and CCaaS

Customer interaction is a crucial aspect of nearly any business. Successful customer relations and repeat sales don’t come from just selling a successful product; they also require responsive communication with your customers about their questions and complaints. This is even more true for service businesses, which must be profoundly communications-focused with their clients.

The High Cost of Good Customer Service

Hiring people to interact with customers at all levels, however, can be an expensive proposition. The cost of employing people to field live calls, emails, SMS, and social media communications from clients is high and rising. While live customer support options have been streamlined with newer, better, and cheaper technologies, running your own contact center with live chat options makes it pricier to manage phone calls between clients and staff.

On the other hand, customers absolutely prefer to speak with human beings when they have a question for a company they’re buying from—and again, this applies especially to service-oriented businesses. As research has shown, businesses that implement live chat and other human-based contact options often enjoy enhanced customer loyalty, revenue, and sales. So, how can your business balance these conflicting priorities? The answer involves contact centers as a service (CCaaS), which are using AI to further improve the quality and cost of their services.

What Is Contact Center as a Service?

Similar to the many other “as-a-service” products, such as the well-known software as a service (SaaS), CCaaS delivers a robust, multifaceted third-party option for contracted customer support. Instead of installing your own in-house contact center technology and managing it with internal IT staff, a third-party provider can securely host your contact center infrastructure remotely. Your customer service staff will then be able to work from anywhere: in your office, a remote office, or from home.

CCaaS users can often scale up or down their use of cloud software, external data storage, and other remote communications and call center technologies as needed on the fly, depending on the terms of their provider contracts. The provider handles all the back-end technology and costs of maintaining it so you don’t have to. CCaaS providers can serve a wide assortment of organizations with diverse and complex customer contact needs.

How Does AI Support CCaaS?

It’s indisputable that customers generally prefer to communicate with real people who can respond to them in real time when they have complaints, questions, or support issues. Fobbing the whole of your customer support chain onto algorithms obviously isn’t an effective solution, especially for complex customer care issues or for service-related inquiries. However, AI can play a major role in streamlining the process of customer support and making it much more cost-effective. Here are several ways AI can help you maintain excellent customer support and reinforce client loyalty while saving your company time and money.

Superior Contact Routing and Filtering

By allowing a highly trained AI system to manage the initial steps of your customer’s inquiries and calls, you can ensure your staff are better able to attend to your customers as efficiently as possible. Select a system that filters the specific nature of customer requests down to their concrete needs and handles support options well.

Answering Basic Questions

Many customer contact issues involve questions about very basic subjects, which can easily be answered without the need for human support. Even during events like the COVID-19 pandemic, when support ticket requests have saturated numerous industries, AI-powered chat systems and phone answering interfaces provide rapid answers to many simple questions for a broad range of customers in many industries.

Intelligent Analysis

AI systems can do more than directly serve customers. They can also analyze data gleaned from your customer support calls. In this way, AI can provide insights into customer behavior, desires, and other information that can help you improve customer relations protocols.

The Benefits of AI-Powered CCaaS 

In addition to the benefits detailed above, a CCaaS experience that fully integrates AI can provide these advantages for your business over an in-house contact center:

Easier, More Affordable Scalability

If your customer service needs increase, decrease, or change in a fundamental way, you can adapt and scale accordingly with little more than a request to your CCaaS provider. If you run an internal contact center system, on the other hand, this could require considerable time and expense.

Superior Agility

By using the highly organized and dedicated services of a CCaaS provider for your call center needs, you gain access to their robust technology. Instead of spending a fortune on specific technologies for customer contact, which may or may not work out in the long run, you can experiment with different contact channels on the fly at very low or null extra cost.

Disaster Resilience

By remotely hosting your contact center operations and staffing them with your own independently hired remote agents, you can largely immunize your business to localized disasters such as floods, power outages, or earthquakes.

AI-powered CCaaS can help your business save time and money while providing superior customer service. To learn more about how to optimize your business’ IT environment, subscribe to the LinkSource blog.

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